I’ve been recommending social logins to my website clients, especially those looking at expanding either into community-oriented sites or ecommerce, for the last couple of years.  My main reason for doing so was that I could tell it made signups easier for the end user.  In addition, I knew of so many people that were frustrated with remembering their logins for different websites.

Social Logins = easier signup process = less frustration = less missed sales opportunities.

No brainer.  Makes sense to me.  But until now, I haven’t really had much data to back that up. Then I came across this infographic from Lanoba.com.  While I can’t necessarily recommend their product, as I haven’t used it, the concept is sound.  More importantly, this graphic breaks down what I’ve been sharing with people about social login for a long time.

Give people options during the signup process.  Some will prefer to use their social logins.  Those that don’t…won’t.  Everybody wins.  If you’re thinking of launching a website that requres logins by the user, use social logins.  You’ll thank me later.



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