This post is TLDR fasho! If you only do one thing…watch the video at the bottom. It’s the best summary of how I feel.

Let’s be clear.  I’m a card carrying member of Raider Nation.  I almost rooted for the Patriots in the Superbowl (and I can’t stand the Patriots) just because I’m still an anti-Hawk because of the old AFC days. That said…Marshawn Lynch is one of my heroes, and this is why. He’s amazing at his craft, he’s an excellent teammate, he puts his family first, and he’s committed to the improvement of urban America…especially the lives of the kids in his hometown of Oakland California.

In addition, his theater of disobedience, as Jay Smooth calls it, is a constant reminder to me of the oppressive nature of being black in the United States, and how to respond to it on our own terms. I don’t know if white Americans often recognize that there is a consistent prodding and poking that takes place that tells black Americans that we have to conform to “their” idea of normal.

Marshawn rejects that…and so do I.  This post is a tribute to him for that.

If you don’t know…Marshawn is clearly uncomfortable with how his job requires him to be accessible to media outlets.  This first came to my attention at the media day interview at last years Super Bowl.  You can watch it below.   Note Marshawn’s tone…he’s uncomfortable.  But he answers questions. And his position is clearly established for anyone that didn’t know.

[youtube id=”F_4X-thsaYc”]

Over the past year…he has continued this posture of participating enough with the media to fulfill his contractual obligations…and very little else.  The exceptions are on his terms, for his reasons…as they should be.

This is hard for some media members, and they keep coming at him.  He so resents this, that he has begun giving one phrase answers during his required sessions.  He spent almost 5 minutes answering “I’m only here so I don’t get fined” to every question that came his way.  This bothers some people so much, they’ve started calling him names…to his face.  It’s way disrespectful.  So now this year…his tone is now combative.

[youtube id=”rCvjG-SHBt8″]

The very next day…his phrase is now, “You Know Why I’m Here”.  I especially love when he trolls the dude who asks him what music he’s bumping.

ML: It’s a new song.

Reporter: A new song…from who?

ML: Marshawn. (its called) You know why I’m here.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA   See that at the 4:00 mark.

[youtube id=”K4EUhO56SuI”]

Jay Smooth of gives an eloquent take of why he thinks Marshawn Lynch is the “Greatest American Hero of our modern age.”

[youtube id=”SUI54niIfl8″]

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