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Cyborg #1: Cop That Son

DC’s CYBORG #1 released this morning.  To date, this is the most important comic book series I have ever read/collected.  I will defend that statement in the days to come. But in the meantime… Cop That …and as my friend Damon, founder of CNOC, says…GETCHU SOME!!! CYBORG 8 panel free preview | Cyborg #1  

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A Salute to Bree Newsome by Artist Quinn McGowan

Illustrator and comic creator Quinn McGowan​ was moved by Bree Newsome and her recent act of civil disobedience. Intrigued by the calm, serene expression she had as she was being arrested, he drew her without the harness and ropes. “She became a mythical figure right before my eyes and that’s what I wanted to convey,”…

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Shoutout to Treehouse

Treehouse rocks. Nuff said. I’m excited to help people build their future with a tech career.  Treehouse is an amazing tool to help people do just that. If you don’t know why I say this…wanna find out?

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Shoutout to Brushfire Creative Partners

My thanks go out to Ifanyi Bell and Margaret Jacobsen of Brushfire Creative Partners for putting together this video which captures an important but often missing conversation in regards to the myth of Portlandia. I had read the original piece by Bell, “The Air I Breathe” and was struck by his transparency.  He voiced so many feelings…

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Thank you Stuart Scott!

I’ll need to give this post an update to properly thank this man, and his family for the impact he has had on all of our lives, but especially black people here in the US. But in the meantime…shoutout to Stuart Scott for breaking down barriers in sports broadcasting, but more importantly for representing us without compromise,…

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